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Get Your Kicks On Route 66

Route 66 University
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Route 66 University
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Welcome to the Route 66 University Home Page. This online institution of higher learning is destined to become the premier source of online information for America's most famous highway, variously called the Mother Road, Main Street of America, Route 66, and U.S. 66.

Generations of travelers have experienced Route 66 first-hand, and many more today are seeking her out. Whether you are making plans to motor along the Mother Road personally, or you're an armchair adventurer who wants to do some research from your home or office, Route 66 University is the source for you.

At Route 66 University, you'll find:

  • Articles & Essays - Choose from a growing list of articles by a variety of writers covering a broad spectrum of Route 66-related topics
  • Business Directory - a listing of some of the more prominent Route 66 roadside businesses you'll want to patronize as you motor along the Mother Road
  • Campus Online Store - find the merchandise that sets the University apart from all other institutes of higher learning, including shirts, caps, lapel pins, etc.
  • Campus Rag - our campus newspaper's features include special articles you can't find anywhere else, vintage photos, famous quotations, and letters to the editor
  • E-Postcards - send your friends virtual postcards featuring both modern and vintage images of Route 66—no postage required!
  • Events Calendar - a list of upcoming festivals and other happenings on the Mother Road, so you can time your trip for maximum enjoyment
  • Glossary Project - an ongoing list of the words, phrases, and place-names indispensable to a thorough knowledge of America's Main Street
  • I Remember... - personal recollections from people who lived, worked, traveled, or otherwise directly experienced the Mother Road in her heyday
  • Links - a list of indispensable web resources to which you can add your own discoveries
  • Maps - dozens of maps are available of Route 66 at the regional, state, and local levels, at varying times in its history; many are available in PDF format so you can easily print them for your own next road trip
  • News - current news stories from around the world demonstrating Route 66's continuing appeal
  • Online Community - our community area is intended to allow our students to interact with other Route 66 aficionados around the world; features of the online community area include:
    • Read news articles submitted by other readers, and submit your own for publication
    • Participate in discussion groups on a variety of topics
    • Keep your own online journal, or weblog, which can be either public or private according to your preference
    • Submit your own reviews of products or services for publication to the community members
    • Send private messages to, and receive private messages from, other members of the community
    • Participate in online polls and surveys
    • Provide feedback to the University's administrative staff
    • Perform detailed search queries on the site's content
    • Submit your own comments and ratings on the University's web content
  • Photo Tour - an always-expanding collection of original photography of Mother Road sights
  • Postcards & Artifacts - the online collection includes hundreds of vintage postcards evoking the heyday of Route 66 travel, as well as other bits of memorabilia
  • Reading Room - our list of book recommendations for further study of Route 66, written by the people who know her best
  • Short List - a concise list of some of the most iconic features of the Mother Road—truly the must-sees
  • Specialized Forms - submit your own business or event for inclusion in the business directory or calendar of events
  • Trip Planner - a printable checklist to use in preparing and packing for your Route 66 adventure, plus weather information (updated hourly) for selected cities
  • Who's Who - short biographies of some of the people, both past and present, who've influenced the Mother Road

Ready to Get Started?

Just click on any of the category links you'll find on the left side of each page or in the list above. See you on the Road!


Our Campus

The campus of Route 66 University is unique in the world. Spanning more than two thousand miles in length, from downtown Chicago, Illinois, to the Pacific coast at Santa Monica, California, our campus is more extensive and diverse than any other. Similarly, the life experiences available to the student of Route 66 are also of unparallelled diversity and scope.

Campus Map

Below is an overall map of the campus. A somewhat larger version is available here. Insets, or detailed maps of more limited areas, are available in our maps department.


Campus Orientation Map

Student Body

The University's student body is made up of thousands of individuals worldwide who make Route 66 the most-studied highway of modern times. A great many of our students live overseas, and pursue their studies primarily via the world wide web. All students, however, are strongly encouraged to visit and explore our campus as frequently and as extensively as practical. Only by doing so will the student be likely to grasp the full mystery and magic of the Mother Road

Title Author
A Trip on Route 66 in the 1940s Lenorovitz, Ruth
California Blues: Going West Italian Style Barles, Venera
Carlinville's Standard Addition Thornton, Rosemary
Discovering the 66th Dimension Knowles, Drew
Growing Up on 66 in Illinois Howard, Lyle
Growing Up On Route 66 - Prologue Lund, Michael
Growing Up On Route 66 - Part 1 Lund, Michael
Growing Up On Route 66 - Part 2 Lund, Michael
Growing Up On Route 66 - Part 3 Lund, Michael
Growing Up On Route 66 - Part 4 Lund, Michael
Growing Up On Route 66 - Conclusion Lund, Michael
History Beyond the Mother Road Weiser, Kathy
Interview with Roy Rogers Harlow, Dan
Jericho Gap Journal Trew, Delbert
Museum in L.A. County Endangered (COMING SOON) Piotrowski, Scott
Route 66 in the 1940s Post, Francis L.
Route 66 Laid to Waste Knowles, Drew
Sleeping in a Wigwam Harlow, Dan
S. S. Admiral, St Louis Excursion Boat fr. Streckfus Steamers Magazine, 1934-35
A Feast of Movable Bridges (PDF version; 1.7MB)

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